• Why Gamma Studio was created?

    August, 2011: Appleverse Wizard was created in Java to teach how to install specific games inside a Mac, and also to edit some contents of a Wrapper (Game Port).

    January, 2012: Appleverse Wizard became Wigidrasil (and change to Objective-C), and its purpose was to edit more Wrapper contents and to share information about how to install specific games with Wineskin (WIG files origin).

    February, 2013: Wigidrasil became Gamma Studio, and now, the purpose is to edit all the Wrapper contents, manage your Mac games and share information about them.

  • What's the new step?

    Gamma actual focus is to create a game manager (like the one in Steam software), a P2P to chat with other Mac Gamers and to share WIG File, include more features in Gamma Studio, etc.

  • Be Part of Our Team

    If you have lots of ideas about how to improve Gamma Studio, and you want to help it to grow, send me an e-mail. Let's talk about that.

    If you want, you can only send and opinion/suggestion to help me improve Gamma Studio. What do you think? That's my e-mail: vitor251093@gmail.com

  • Gamma Studio details

    Programming Language: Objective-C
    Language: English
    Gamma Studio Creator: Vitor Marques
    English Translator: Vitor Marques
    Portuguese Translator: Vitor Marques
    Spanish Translator: Andréia Moreira
    Russian Translator: Evilence

    Want Gamma Studio in your language? Send me an e-mail and translate it for us.